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General conditions and useful information

In compliance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, we report below the conditions governing all bookings and purchases of the services offered by A Spasso Con Elena together with some very important information to guarantee a service without surprises. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

This deals with an area which only our clients have access to. They find useful material for their stay in Copenhagen there. If you are a customer of A Spasso con Elena and have booked your guided tour, you can subscribe to the reserved area by filling out the form that appears online by clicking on "Reserved area".

The service is provided by A Spasso con Elena on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as any further agreement taken with the customer. The customer acknowledges that the service constitutes a tourist service. For a more detailed description of the service, please refer to the information provided on the website www.aspassoconelena.com. The customer is responsible for reading the dedicated section and contacting A Spasso con Elena for any other information. Acceptance by the customer of the General Terms and Conditions and of the rights and obligations that derive from them is a necessary condition for the use of the service. The booking and payment of a service provided by A Spasso con Elena are meant as confirmation and acceptance by the customer of the General Terms and Conditions.

The task of A Spasso con Elena is to ensure that all the services provided comply with the standard of professionalism and reliability. Guided tours can be given by other tour guides than Elena. They collaborate with A Spasso con Elena and are certified and local. All other services (e.g. private transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa, private car rental for excursions outside Copenhagen etc.) are booked by A Spasso con Elena who acts as a mediator between the supplier and the customer and are performed by the staff of the collaborating companies.

Our rates and conditions are the same everyone. They have been established after a careful and in-depth market analysis and after having gained years of experience in the field. We are a small company, our ethical code aims to protect the local workers rights (often independent workers) above all and at best satisfy our customers’ needs, if circumstances force us to behave according to emergency provisions caused by events beyond our control.

Guided tour

2 hours basic walking tour 2000 DKK / 292 USD (up to 8 people)

more than 8 people 250 DKK / 37 USD per person

for each other commenced hour 450 dkk per hour / 66 USD per added hour

Our rates for guide services are established in accordance with those of the Danish National Association of Certified Tourist Guides taking into account the standard of local life and the type of tourist services (occasional and highly specialised). The starting rate for a guided tour with a certified tourist guide for two hours, when no booking service or additional services are included, is equal to 2000 DKK (Danish krone), which corresponds to approximately 292 USD. For every new commenced hour 450 DKK (approx. 66 USD) are added. These rates are intended per service and not per participant, therefore the price remains unchanged if the number of participants changes in compliance with the policy on the maximum number of participants, of which you find the extended version below. We are pleased to be able to provide an exceptional experience and service for the price we quote. Our guided tours are private, personalised, unique and unrepeatable experiences. The rate will be increased if additional services are requested (private car rental, bike rental, restaurant booking, museum entrance and so on) and based on any supplements to be applied. Requesting a quote based on specific needs costs nothing.

The booking service refers to all those requests that require the booking of additional services in addition to the guide service (e.g. restaurant booking, ticket purchase etc.). In addition, the booking service is applied every time Elena, being already occupied, must book another guide to carry out the requested service.

Tour leading

1 day 4500 DKK

from day five onwards 5000 DKK per day

If the guide is asked to act also as a tour leader, she/he will therefore also have deal with the logistical issues regarding your stay in Copenhagen and Denmark. In this case the daily rate is equal to the guide service fee corresponding to a full day of work (eight hours), that is 4500 DKK (approx. 657 USD), even if the actual working hours are more than eight. Food and accommodation for the guide during the tour are paid by the customer. In the case of trips longer than four days, the daily fee that will be applied from the fifth day onwards will correspond to 5000 DKK (about 730 USD). These rates include the availability of the professional both as a guide and as a tour leader during the journey from the start time to the end time, both agreed with the customer as well as any preparation time required for the development of the travel program designed by the customer as well as assistance for any doubts before the start of the trip.

Telephone advisory

30 minutes 500 DKK / 73 USD

1 hour 750 DKK / 110 USD

The rate for the telephone advisory service is 500 DKK (73 USD) for 30 minutes, 750 DKK (110 USD) for 1 hour.

To book a guided tour for a specific date and time, it is necessary to pay the relative amount by bank transfer. The final invoice will be increased by 50 DKK for the bank commission due to the international transaction. You can certainly make the transfer in your currency or you can use any online payment system, such as TransferWise, thanks to which you do not pay the 50 DKK commission.You can pay the entire amount in one go or make an agreement and pay the total amount in two times: a down payment (usually corresponding to 40% of the total) and a balance (equal to the remaining 60%). The down payment must be sent as soon as possible after explicit confirmation of the services to ensure that they are booked by us. The balance must be received no later than 28 days before the date of the first service to be provided. In the event that two separate payments are sent, the 50 DKK fee related to the international transaction fee (as well as any other expenses of the customer's bank) will be paid two times.

The services are booked after receipt of payment. Before that, no service is confirmed.

Payment is considered the definitive element for the customer's acceptance in relation to the General Terms and Conditions of A Spasso con Elena, which can be consulted on the website www.aspassoconelena.com. They will need to be read carefully before booking and paying for a service.

If you find yourself obliged to cancel the booked and paid services, you will have to send a written request by e-mail stating “Cancellation request” in the email subject line. If the cancellation is received by A Spasso con Elena within 8 working days from the beginning of the services, it will be possible to receive a credit corresponding to the amount paid (subtracted from any expenses already paid by A Spasso con Elena) to be used within the following 6 months or in the span of the current year (in the event that the cancellation refers to services to be provided from July onwards). The new date(s) where to use the credit must be agreed with A Spasso con Elena and only after having made a specific agreement, the reorganisation of the tourist services can be considered to have taken place.

If Elena is not available to provide the service in person on the new travel date, an increased fee will be paid by the customer so that A Spasso con Elena can book another qualified guide.

If the client does not intend to reorganize the trip or intends to do so on a later date beyond the following 6 months or the following year, then A Spasso con Elena will refund 75% of the amount paid by the client, withholding a commission equal to 25% of the total paid, if the cancellation request is received within 8 working days to the start of the services.

In the event that you cancel the service less than 8 working days to the start of the booked services, you will not be entitled to a credit and you will lose the opportunity to use all the services. You can contact us to schedule new visits, which will be available after making a new payment.

A Spasso con Elena recommends traveling safe by taking out in advance (i.e. before leaving for the trip) an insurance policy that also includes coverage in case of cancellation (whether it occurs for part of A Spasso con Elena or the customer).

The maximum number of participants varies according to the mode of the guided tour. Over the maximum number, we perform the desired service with the help of further certified guides, that is by dividing the big group into several subgroups. We believe that this is the best way to offer excellent quality service to our customers. Below you can read the details of the maximum allowed number of participants for each type of guided tour. We are not open to compromise since that would not protect our fair attitude towards our customers and it would jeopardise the professionalism and reliability of the services to be provided.

Guided walking tour: max. 20 people. Over 20, 1 extra guide for every 20 people.

Guided bike tour: max. 8 people. Over 8, 1 extra guide for every 10 people.

Guided art museum tour: max. 10 people. Over 10, 1 extra guide for every 10 people.

Guided tour in Castles (Rosenborg): max. 10 people. Over 10, 1 extra guide for every 10 people.

Guided tour in Castles: (Frederiksborg, Kronborg) and Churches (e.g. Roskilde Cathedral): max. 20 people. Over 20, 1 extra guide for every 20 people.

Guided sightseeing tour by bus: depending on the capacity of the booked vehicle. If the total number of participants is less than or equal to 20, guided walking parts may also be included. If the number exceed 20, the tour will not include walking parts.

A Spasso con Elena will take care of providing the customer with all the documents (vouchers, booking confirmation etc.) necessary for the provision of the booked and paid services.

As for the documents to be able to arrive to Denmark, it will depend on your country of departure and your citizenship. If you are a European citizen, all you need is your identity card and/or passport. If you visit Sweden, you will need to bring along your identity documents as they will be checked at customs by the staff.

A Spasso con Elena declines all liability for damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, arising to the customer or to third parties during the provision of the services. It is understood that in no case will A Spasso with Elena be held liable in the event of loss and theft of personal goods during the services booked. A Spasso con Elena assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages (and consequential damages) that occur as a result of the use of information and materials from the site and blog as well as from access to other sites through links here.

The customer is responsible to respect the agreement made with A Spasso con Elena, among others, to arrive on time at each meeting. The customer must contact in advance (or promptly) the staff concerned in case of delay, misunderstanding, accident or any other circumstance that might affect the agency and the provision of the services.

If there is a delay due to the customer during a service provided, A Spasso con Elena cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may occur at the expense of the customer.

The customer has the right to terminate the contract of purchase of the services without indicating the specific reason. In this case, any refund is paid according to the Terms and Conditions relating to case B3, which can be consulted under "Cancellation Policies”.

The customer who finds deficiencies in the execution of a service must communicate the reasons for dissatisfaction in a timely and comprehensive manner to the provider of the service in question or, if the matter cannot be resolved by the two parties, to A Spasso con Elena. The complaint must be timely and take place within the span of service provision. Complaints received after the end of the services will not be taken into consideration.

Visits to museums, churches and other sites of historical and artistic importance are subject to their opening hours. The customers is responsible to inquire beforehand concerning the inclusion in the itinerary of a desired visit, by asking clarifications to A Spasso con Elena.

If, for reasons beyond the control of A Spasso con Elena, a visit that was planned cannot be carried out, it will be replaced if possible in order to satisfy the customer, but A Spasso con Elena cannot be held responsible for the loss of the customer experience.

The customer's sudden choice to make visits and carry out activities that were not planned at the time of booking and therefore not included in the cost estimate, are borne by the customer, who will also have to pay for the guide if she/he will have to pay for an extra entrance or similar and be available for longer than originally agreed.

Transfers from one site to another will be made in the manner agreed at the time of booking. If, for security reasons or for adverse weather conditions, A Spasso con Elena and the customer choose together to use alternative means, A Spasso con Elena will assist, but cannot be held responsible for changes to the program. Transfers by private vehicle from one site to another will always be provided with the presence of a local driver, qualified for the profession. If requested, A Spasso con Elena’s owner and/or another certified guide will also be present.

A Spasso con Elena collects the personal data of all customers that confirm and pay for a service (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address and copy of the bank transfer) for tax reasons, that is to be able to submit the tax return together with the payments received to the Danish tax agency, SKAT. The data is categorised in a specific billing program and in google drive as well as stored in the workbooks of the company computer. The data are provided directly by customers via e-mail to allow A Spasso con Elena to issue the invoice and so to receive the payment. The data is kept for at least five years as required by the Danish tax agency. The data relating to the invoices issued will be deleted after five years.

Furthermore, customers' personal data are used for market research purposes as well as to personalise proposals year after year and improve the quality of the services offered. This data is stored in a text document inside a folder on the company computer. The data is not shared with third parties. These data are kept for at least 5 years. The data used for market research purposes can be deleted, upon explicit and understandable communication by the customer.

  • What is responsible tourism?

Responsible tourism is an approach to tourism characterised by an interest that concerns both the well-being of the visiting environment and its population. The responsible tourist does not damage the location visited. She/he has a respectful attitude towards the local culture and also ensures the well-being of the local population. To be responsible, in this case, means to have full self-awareness during the act of travelling, to have awareness of the actions taken as well as of the reality of the country which is visited.

Example: the responsible traveller learns about local habits. In Denmark, for instance, if you want to eat at a traditional Danish restaurant, you should pay attention to the opening hours. People tend to have lunch between 1130 and 1430 and dinner between 1730 and 2130. Not to learn this may involve unpleasant surprises (like being told that the kitchen is closed or not finding a place where to eat that offers local recipes). The responsible traveller is not only the one who informs her/himself, but she/he also accepts the local habits and makes them her/his own during his journey. This behaviour is one of the keys to deep understand the place we visit.

  • Responsible tourism in the time of coronavirus.

Personal responsibility is the most important step that people can take to protect themselves and others. Travellers should familiarise themselves with the basic prevention practices that apply while travelling and in daily life (WHO advice for public). These include:

regular hand-washing,

normal cough etiquette,

postponing travel plans in cases of illness, and

avoiding contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections.

It is essential to stay informed as the situation evolves, especially while travelling. Travellers should check regularly with WHO and other reliable resources for the latest updates and information issued by health and travel professionals.

Travellers are responsible not only for their own well-being but for the well-being of those around them. They should be aware of the symptoms and take all the recommended steps for personal hygiene.

Stay safe and travel responsibly by following these simple but effective guidelines.

Anyone travelling has a duty of care to themselves and to others.

There are no excuses and no exceptions!

Stay safe and travel responsibly by following these simple but effective guidelines:


Before you travel, consult your national health authority and check the guidelines.

You have a responsibility to keep yourself and others safe.

If you become sick while travelling, isolate yourself and seek medical attention as soon as possible.


If you’ve returned from a destination experiencing a severe COVID-19 outbreak, stay at home and isolate yourself as well as possible, even if you don’t feel ill.

Should you start feeling unwell and believe you might have COVID-19, call your local healthcare provider. Follow their instructions and, unless advised otherwise, stay home.

  • What does it mean to travel ethically?

Traveling ethically means discouraging that branch of tourism that leads to destruction and exploitation. The ethical traveler is more sensitive with respect to the activity of travel, which already entails the use of great resources (energy, culture etc.), and wants to grasp the most authentic essence, avoiding completely or severely limiting any damage.

Specifically, the ethical traveler shows respect for nature, culture, the people of the country she/he is visiting; she/he is aware of having to leave only the positive footprints and not the negative traces of her/his passage (e.g. trash).

Example: the ethical traveler informs herself/himself about the water quality at the place she/he is going to visit. In Denmark, tap water is very good, therefore it is recommend to drink it. Some people tend to use disposal water bottles because they are on holidays. Good conduct and respect for the environment do not go on vacation. Furthermore, to cause damage outside your home or outside your country means damaging the earth anyway and, sooner or later, the nature will respond to this regardless of where we live.

  • Can I become a responsible traveller? How?

Certainly yes. One is not born a traveller, even less responsible travellers. Everything we do is the result of a long learning process and, of course, of our choices. An important behaviour to adopt if you want to travel responsibly is certainly to inform yourself.

  • What are the situations I should inquire myself about before traveling to Denmark?

Local currency and payments.

Separate collection of waste and recycling of empty bottles in supermarkets.

Opening hours of museums, shops, restaurants, and supermarkets.

You can find some useful information in the FAQ section on our webpage.

  • Is the profession of tourist guide legally protected in Denmark?

Unfortunately not. There are no laws which regulate the profession, therefore, anyone can practise it, in theory. It is basically a little more difficult. This is not only the case of Denmark, but of more countries. Despite the professione is not protected, you can, however, study and obtain a qualification as a guarantee of competence and reliability. From the customer’s point of view, she/he can choose to protect her/his experience by choosing to rely on tour guides who have obtained a qualification at a university or approved institution. In the case of Denmark, the only university course that prepare to the profession of tour guide is Diplomuddannelse til Turistfører, at Roskilde University. Those people who finish this course by passing all exams can also join the Association of Certified Tourist Guides in Denmark. Its main objective is the constant training of its members. All tour guides must have a common basic background including theoretical knowledge and practical skills. In this way, non-competent and improvised guides are discouraged. To choose your guide carefully is essential. Do not just ask which points of interest are included in the tour, but inquiring about the guide herself/himself is important. The success of your stay will totally or partially depend on her/him, who has, among others, the task to give you an authentic image of the place visited.

Lastly, it is your right to request to view the tourist license as a guarantee of quality and reliability of the service, over all if you are visiting a country where the profession of tour guide is legally protected as well as it is your own duty to sue those who work as tour guides illegally.

  • How can I support local tourism?

You can do that by relying on professional, local and certified tour guides - as well as authorised in the countries where there is a legislation - and on local suppliers.

  • How do I cause damage to local tourism by not relying on certified/licensed tour guides?

First of all, non-competent and improvised tour guides cause a long term damage to the image of the place you are visiting. A tour guide who gives wrong information and has a harmful behaviour can seriously cause damage to the image that you make of the place besides making your stay more difficult, breaking your mood, and letting you live an experience that does not correspond to the place reality.

Furthermore, most of the tour guides are independent and seasonal workers. To choose to make use of their service means to protect the entire category of professionals and it helps to discourage dishonest competition practised by non-competent, improvised and with no certification guides.

Those without certification often offer lower prices and more flexible conditions in order to attract the public. Their service comes more appealing to the public’s eyes this way. Even if the individual may selfishly gain immediate and temporary benefit since she/he would pay less, this behaviour is highly harmful given that it has a long-term very serious impact on the entire touristic chain. In addition, please do not forget that you always get what you pay, so be prepared to pay for quality. If prices are low or lower than others, there is always a reason why it is so. It often results in lack of competences, professionalism, and reliability as well as carelessness and some kind of exploitation. The choice is yours. Please choose well.

  • How can I know if the guide I am going to rely on/ I have decided to rely on is certified/licensed/authorised?

Before you choose your guide, you should do a research to find out who is in possession of the necessary titles to practise the profession. If you are making an agreement or you have already made one with a specific guide, you can ask her/him directly. To be 100% sure you can visit the webpage of the local national association for tourist guides where you find listed all the tour guides who are certified. If you do not find your guide there, well you know why.

  • Is there any difference between tour guide and tour leader?

They are both very important professional figures in tourism. However, they have different tasks.

A tour leader is a person who manages an itinerary on behalf of the tour operator ensuring the programme is carried out as described in the tour operator's literature and sold to the traveller/consumer and who gives local practical information. She/he has also to take care of safety and comfort of her/his group of travellers. Tour leaders may or may not be tourist guides as well. They are not trained or licensed to work in specific areas unless they have the proper requirements or legal right, depending on the region.

A tourist guide, on the other hand, is a person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognised by the appropriate authority. Her/his task is not to take care of the practical issues that may arise.

To respect these differences means to creare the best possible collaboration in order to offer a quality service. Many countries ensure compliance with these differences, therefore those who are licensed as tour leaders cannot work as tour guides and vice versa. This is very important to respect given that different specific competences, different training paths and different professional experiences are required to practise these professions.

Copyright: Copyright Elena Merli 2020. Any reproduction and use of the information and photos in A Spasso con Elena’s webpage are forbidden, without an explicit and written permit by the owner. In order to request the photos and/or texts, it is necessary to send an e-mail to [email protected] so to make an agreement.

You might find some images from the web on the blog. In those cases, the details concerning the origin of each photo are always visible. However, if those were to infringe the copyright, they will be removed right away, upon notice.

Furthermore, A Spasso con Elena sometimes uses images that can be downloaded from free databases such as those provided by the Danish tourism organization Wonderful Copenhagen. On this regard, there are six images that have been temporarily borrowed from Wonderful Copenhagen's database in order to complete our webpage. It deals with the photos available under the profile of the following tours:

Frederiksborg Castle - photo by Daniel Rasmussen

Malmø - photo by Daniel Rasmussen

as well as the two following pictures on the homepage:

Bike City by Thomas Høyrup Christensen

SMK by Daniel Rasmussen