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Frequents questions and answers

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If you have other or further questions, please write us to [email protected]

  • I have a disability. Are your itineraries doable?

If you have a physical disability, please contact us to let us know. Our guided tours are private and can be customised. Therefore, we will arrange an itinerary which is ideal for you and your needs.

  • Can I give a card as a gift?

You certainly can. A guided tour is an excellent idea for a unique, special and customised gift.

You will only need to contact us and let us know the date and the time that you wish for the tour as well as the interests and needs of the gift’s recipient.

  • I have got a gift card. How can I use it?

The first step to make is having a look at our proposals and decide which one is right for you. After that you are welcome to contact us to agree further.

  • Can I propose an itinerary for an existing group?

If you have got a precise idea or a specific project, we can help you to understand if and how it can be realised. We are always delighted to receive proposals and new ideas from our clients and we are happy to customise special itineraries. Contact us and let us talk about it.

  • Do you ever combine people to share a private tour to cut costs?

Unfortunately we do not, but this is why we offer private tours, which means that we do not run standard tours that start at one fixed date and time. These details are agreed together with our individual clients according to their needs and our availability. In some rare cases it can happen that we are able to create a small group just because we accidentally receive the same inquiry (same day, same time, same interests) from different people who want to share a tour. This is though not a service that we regularly offer. If it happens to be the case, we will let you know in the moment when you take contact with us.

You are more than welcome to try and do this on your own. What we suggest is going to a travel forum like Trip Advisor and mention that you are going to Copenhagen and would like to cut cost by sharing a private tour. Leave the dates and our companies name and what tour you were thinking about doing. You never know, you might find someone.

  • Are there any breaks during the guided tour?

Our guided tours are experiences which are planned in detail so to offer you an important and useful content. In order to respect our plan, it is required that we focus totally on it since this will be for you the occasion to get to know the city. However, our services adapt to your needs, so you are the one who will contribute to the tour’s pace. Furthermore, we want to emphasise that during our guided tours we try to enter into dialogue so that the experience gets interesting, exciting and engaging for everybody. Breaks at public restrooms will be always observed, where possible.

  • We are traveling with kids. Which tour is best for them?

In the description of our tours, you can read which tours are best for kids. We especially recommend: Not only Roskilde, Danish sweets, A few selected Danish natural heritage sites, A day in the countryside, Christmas in Copenhagen (seasonal tour). We want to remind you that, other than our tours which you look at in the webpage, we have an offline catalogue rich in further possibilities, for kids too.

We do love children and find that they truly enjoy the experience. It’s just a matter of choosing the right tour for them. We are also always open to customise every tour according to your requirement, so contact us to know more.

  • I am heading to Copenhagen, but I would take the opportunity to reach Sweden too and visit Malmø. Is it feasible?

(Nearly) Everything is possible. However, if you are spending only a few days in Copenaghen and it is your first time here, it might be a better idea to focus on it instead of traveling further given that we might happen to visit a lot, but in a rush. We recommend you to add one or more excursions outside the city in case you are going to spend more than three full days in Copenhagen.

  • Do you offer other services than the guided tours?

Yes, we do. We also take care of the booking of many other services, which you might need. We rent out bicycles, we book a private car or a private minivan, we offer pick-up and drop off service, we purchase tickets such as museum entrances, we book boat tours (both in public and private boats), we book a professional photo shoot for you as well as the restaurants. We also tour lead in the whole Denmark, a service that can be well combined with tour guiding.

Lastly, we offer telephone/e-mail advisory service in order to help you to better organise your stay in Copenhagen even before you leave. For further information we recommend you to have a look at our “Our services” section and take contact with us.

  • How can we get useful information in order to organise of our stay?

If you are traveling to Copenhagen, but you do not have much time to spend on organising your stay, we really recommend you to count on a local, licensed or qualified tour guide who will be able to show you the city and its surroundings.

If you prefer to visit the city on your own, but you need some practical information, give us a call.

To speak with a local and professional guide will help you to make your stay into an unforgettable experience. You are welcome to purchase the telephone/e-mail advisory service. Please read more in the “Rates” section. During the telephone/e-mail consultation, you will be given information about what to see and what to visit in Copenhagen and surroundings; the opening hours of shops and museums; the prices to enter a museum and other sites of interest; what typical food/beverages to drink; how to move around the city and outside; how to reach your hotel from the airport and viceversa. No specific restaurants, hotels and shops will be advised. However, you will be given information about practical, convenient, strategic areas where to stay, eat, do shopping etc.

  • How do I best organise my stay on my own?

We recommend you to always check the opening hours for museums and other sites of interest before you plan your days so to avoid having unpleasant surprises. We also recommend you to look at the forecast the day before leaving. A Spasso con Elena is a guided tour company, therefore, we take care of giving advice to all the clients that choose to explore Copenhagen with us, and to those who purchase the telephone/e-mail advisory service. In addition, we provide you a very helpful information, which is open to everybody, and it is available on our blog. If you wish to find inspiration about what to see and visit, please have a look at our proposals and read the posts in our blog.

  • Do your un the outdoor tours in case of bad weather?

We like the Danish saying: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. If you dress according to the forecast and with a little bit of precaution, there will be no problem during the guided tour, even if it rains or snows. In the worst case, you will have do deal with heavy winds and constant rain. The most important thing is to dress appropriately for the weather and to make sure you have good walking shoes. Sneakers or hiking shoes are best.

If you have booked a walking or biking tour, we will change the itinerary so to reduce the outdoor stops and increase the time spent in closed places. You are welcome to change for another type of tour, which is more doable in casa of bad weather. However, the money that you spent for a service that you are suddenly not going to use, is not given back. In case you want to buy a tour which is more expensive that what you paid, you will be required to pay the difference. We never cancel our guided tours due to rainy weather or snow or heavy wind. You are free to cancel, but the guided tour is not going to be canceled neither postponed. If you wish to postpone it, you will need to pay the tour again.

  • How much does it cost to stay in Copenhagen?

According to statistics, the average price for a cappuccino is 42 dkk, which is 1,5 more expensive than in London (27,5 dkk) and 1,2 times than in New York (33,5 dkk).

  • Can I use foreign currency?

The local currency in Denmark is the Danish Krone. Other currencies such as euro and dollar are accepted at sites of interest (e.g. museums, monuments, historical buildings), at touristic attractions (e.g. boat tour, amusement parks, market halls) as well as in souvenir shops. In all other places, only the local currency is accepted when paying cash unless the owner of the little boutique you are doing shopping at does you a favour. Please remember that paying cash with a foreign currency implies an exchange rate commission.

  • Do I need Danish Kroner in cash or I can use my card for any transaction?

We recommend you to have some cash in case you are planning to visit an antiques market, a little town far from Copenhagen either if you presume you card has any issue, to be safe in the case you cannot pay otherwise and in order to tip. In all other cases, paying by card is the most convenient way to make your payments. You can pay by cars nearly everywhere in Copenhagen. There are no restrictions as for the minimum amount to be paid, so you can use it even for smaller purchases.

  • Is it okay to tip your tour guide and other providers?

In Denmark tipping is not mandatory, but it is highly appreciated. You usually tip when you are very satisfied with the service that you have received. Who would you tip? Your tour guide; the staff at restaurants and cafés where you are provided table service; your private driver. How much should you tip? This is a personal decision and you should take it according to your level of satisfaction regarding the service received. If you have a great time and want to thank your tour guide or in general for any service in the service industry, you would usually leave a tip ranging from 10% to 25% of the total amount you paid. In most of the cases you can tip through the POS terminal at restaurants and cafés. However, it does not always come up as an automatic option since some operators think that if the client wants to tip, he/she should be the one who takes the initiative and asks further about how to do it. In other words, asking your client to leave a tip, through the POS terminal, is consider not polite by some people. If you wish to leave a tip to a provider that does not make use of a POS terminal, you will be able to do it in cash. Danish Kroner are better, but euros and dollars are accepted too.

  • What clothes should I pack?

All responsible travellers dress in layers and check the forecast before packing. We recommend you to check the forecast at www.dmi.dk and to always bring along, no matter what the season is, a waterproof jacket, good walking shoes and a scarf.

  • What do you suggest as for the transfer from the airport to the accommodation and viceversa?

If you wish us to organise for you a private transfer, do not hesitate to contact us. We cooperate with a responsible and sustainable company that has available comfortable cars, minivans and big busses.

Otherwise, it depends on where your accommodation is located. From Copenhagen airport (Kastrup Lufthavn) you can reach your accommodation through the following options: metro, train, bus and taxi. One can be more convenient than the others depending on your destination. The cost for a transfer from the airport to Copenhagen downtown slightly changes depending on the day, the time, but it is about 35 dkk for a single ticket. The taxi rate changes too depending on the day, the time (a supplement is added between 20 and 4 during weekdays; from 20 on Friday and 4 on Monday; and during national holidays), but the indicative price for one ride from the airport to your accommodation downtown or viceversa on a three seats car is about 250 dkk. If you want to be sure not to be charged more or too much, just agree on the price with the driver before you leave.

  • Is water drinkable?

According to the Ministry of the Environment water supply in Denmark is based on clean groundwater. Nearly everywhere in Denmark groundwater can be extracted in order to produce drinkable water. Water is clean and tastes good in Denmark. We kindly invite you not to buy disposal water bottles but to take along your personal bottle that you can fill at your convenience. If you do not have one, you can buy one in Copenhagen.

  • Can I order tap water at the restaurant or café?

Many places in Denmark have drinkable water from the tap at disposal for their clients. They usually leave it on a table where you can help yourself. You will not be charged this service, but not all restaurants and cafés offer it. If you cannot see free tap water a disposal, then ask the staff.

They will let you know if they have it at disposal or if you can have some for free anyway or if you have to pay for it.

  • Where do you recommend me to eat?

We support the idea that travellers should eat local food, at least on most of the occasions, unless a specific reason not to do so applies. We think that the local food world is a big heritage when exploring a new place, therefore, we recommend you to eat in Danish restaurants, unless you have other particular needs which can be satisfied only at other restaurants.

You will find a wide range of possibilities where to taste Danish traditional recipes. You will choose to eat at a typical restaurant where to try Danish national dishes or at a gourmet restaurant which offers innovative interpretation. Furthermore, you can stop at market halls or street food vans for a quicker meal. There is also a great choice as for Michelin restaurant, that you should book in advance (sometimes a long way ahead). If you stay in Copenhagen several days and you give a try to different Danish food experiences, we do not keep you from trying other international. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and it offers great possibilities for those who love, among others, Italian, Asiatic, South American food. If you want to learn more about what food and where to eat it, just ask your tour guide during your tour. She/he will give you a valuable insight.

  • How can I book a guided tour?

After you have made an agreement with A Spasso con Elena, you can book your tour by sending your payment.

  • How can I pay?

You can do it through bank transfer or using a online payment system such as TransferWise.

  • Is it mandatory to pay in advance?

Yes, it is, if you want to secure the service.

  • I sent an e-mail, but I have not received a reply yet.

Please check you spam folder. Sometimes our e-mails go spam. If you have checked there and there is nothing sent from ys, then please contact us via telephone at +45 50 38 24 28.

  • Is the rate per person or per person?

The rates are per service, so they do not change depending to the number of participants. If there is one or ten people, the final rate does not change unless there are extra services included in the tour. In this latest case, the rate will depend on the number of participants.

  • I would like to buy a guided tour, but I would like to pay shortly in advance. Is it possible?

If you want to book a tour for a specific day and time, you have only one possibility to secure the service, which is to confirm and pay for it. If you want to book, you need to pay. You are welcome to wait before to make the bank transfer, if you feel more comfortable this way, but in this case you are not given any guarantee. In fact, if we receive other requests in the meantime by clients who book and pay immediately, they are going to be given priority.

  • Can we pay on site?

Our business policy accepts payments in cash only in the event that a guided tour is booked shortly in advance, so the bank transfer would not be received on time (before the start of the tour). This is a rare situation given that we usually receive reservations well in advance, so the probability that we are available to respond to your last minute inquiry is low.

We do not accept payments in cash in other circumstances for a tax purpose. All our transactions have to be traceable so that we can communicate transparently with the Danish tax authorities.

  • Do I pay less if I book a 2,5 hours tour instead of a 3 hours tour?

No, our hourly rate after the first two hours is intended for any extra commenced hour. If it deals with 25 or 50 minutes more, the price of that extra hour is still the same. It is always recommended for your best economic convenience to book tours that last 2, 3, 4 hours and not 2,5, 3,5 and 4,5 hours.