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Are you an individual visitor? A travel agency or a tour operator? Do you need to organise business trips or incentives? Are you an association or a school? We take care of the planning and management of exclusive and personalised cultural and artistic itineraries according to your needs. Our aim is to promote and disseminate knowledge of the Danish historical and artistic heritage. We offer a selection of specialised, thematic, experiential, educational and personalised guided tours, able to satisfy all visitors. In addition to the ready guided tours (which are in any case always customisable on request), we study ad hoc further possibilities that satisfy your desires, maximising the services offered in compliance with your available budget. In addition, we develop tailor-made programs by planning your stay in Copenhagen and booking many of the services you may need: bicycle rental, private car/coach rental, purchase of museum tickets, boat tour booking, photo shoot, restaurant reservation. We also carry out the tour leading service throughout Denmark, to be possibly combined with the guide service. Lastly, we offer telephone consultancy service to help you to better organise your trip even before leaving. Contact us, we will be happy to accommodate you.


Whether you are new to traveling or a frequent traveler, seeking new emotions or curious to discover new cultures and traditions, eager to immerse yourself in a landscape that you have never seen before or in love with art in all its forms, interested in architecture or a design lover, A Spasso con Elena will be able to guide you through the experience you are looking for. Whether you want to enjoy it on foot, by bicycle, by rickshaw, by public transport, by boat or by private car or bus. Whether you are a solo traveler, you travel as a couple, with your family, with a group of friends or colleagues, we are ready to accomodate your desires and stroll with you wherever you want, showing you the highlights of the wonderful place that you are about to enter. It is all about you and your wishes. The trip will adapt to your needs like a tailor-made dress, focusing on your interests and needs. We are ready to let you discover the most authentic side of each place, supporting you and organising the best itinerary for you. So walk freely on our webpage and feel free to browse among all the offers that we have carefully chosen for you.


Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

To the industry operators we offer itineraries intended for those who visit Copenhagen for the first time, or thematic itineraries to meet diversified needs. We collaborate with certified tourist guides who are qualified to work in several languages (Italian, Spanish, English, French, German etc.) and specialized in different areas (art, architecture, design, history etc.). In addition, we offer the booking service for private buses and cars rental, for private transfers from the airport/port to the center and vice versa, for entrances at museums and sites of interest, and for other excursions included in the itinerary of your groups.

Companies and Incentives

Do you organise events for your company? You have won a prize and you would like to arrange a trip. You are the responsible for the training and updating of your employees and colleagues and you would like to offer an inspiration tour in Copenhagen. You would like to plan a stay during which your team can strengthen interpersonal and working relationships. We have lots of ideas to share with you. We will take care of combining the cultural visits with your professional obligations in the best way. If you are busy in meetings and conferences during your stay, we will do our best to offer you a program that respect completely your needs.


Associations and Schools

Are you responsible for the educational offer within your association or you are writing a project for a travel proposal or a stay abroad within your school. We offer several possibilities for tours that will let you “read” the city and become aware of the historical and artistic heritage as a precious testimony of every civilisation’s history belonging to us all. Our proposals, designed and given by graduated in historical-artistic disciplines, are modulated according to a chronological scan or a topic. They will be easily inserted within the students existing educational program in this way. All itineraries can be always modified and agreed. If your students are from a language and tourist school and you are interested in letting them have a practical approach to the tourist professions, we can arrange tailor-made meetings where your students can practise and get strategic skills (communication, foreign languages, culture). Our guided workshops are available for all the schools. They deal with interactive itineraries during which your students are guided through activities that combine the learning process with a planning phase aimed at engage the whole class. Not only will they know more, but they will know how to do new things, as a matter of fact, during the guided workshops, everyone's skills will be stimulated within the interaction in a team work.

If required by the type of the study trip, we can also organise a lesson or more for you to learn more about the topics dealt within your educational program or develop specific topics in an interdisciplinary perspective using the comparison between Denmark and your country. Our lessons include the direct involvement of students aimed to active participation and equal interaction.

Are you looking for a tailor-made itinerary?

We offer tailor-made itineraries on top of the ones proposed here, so that you can manage your time according to your needs and see what interests you the most. Together we will plan the perfect tour to make your stay special.
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