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A mini guide to the Prosecco Wine Road. A cooperation with Around & About Treviso - 4

This is our fourth meeting today and we look forward to presenting you the theme that we have chosen for today's post. If you are visiting Veneto region these days, don't miss the advice we are going to give you in the following paragraphs. It looks like the temperature will reach 27 degrees today, and that the weather will be awesome the whole weekend, so why not to dive into the Prosecco Wine Route...

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A mini guide to Treviso. A cooperation with Around & About Treviso - 3

Hello everybody, last time we lured you with good food without even tell you about the Tiramisù town itself. Today, we wish to take you for a walk through Treviso's pictoresque streets and make you dream f being there! Treviso is a small town, which is home to about 85.000 people (figure of the whole administrative division), and it offers a lot of possibilities to its visitors...

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Do you like Tiramisù? A cooperation with Around & About Treviso - 2

Today we are going to reveal you the origin of one of the most popular desserts in the world. We are talking about the elegant and generous Tiramisù. If you speak Italian, you will notice that this name is made of two words "tirami" and "sù", which refers to the action of "pulling up". Literally translated, it means "pull me up"...

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