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Did you know that there is a little bit of Denmark in California?

Last year I travelled to California - I should have written about this experience beyond the Øresund Strait much earlier than now - and even thousands of kilometres away from my adopted country I found some of it there. I knew it in advance, but I couldn't imagine it would have been looking like a Danish kitsch wonderland...

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The human scale

Have your ever wondered about how important the architecture is in people's life? Have you ever considered a human scale as a reason why people are happy in a country or the other? Besides talking about the hygge, the welfare state and the good Danish beer, I think that we should also take into consideration the role that architecture plays in our lives...

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Why I moved to Denmark and more about my new project

I am gonna tell you about my new project. First of all, I am writing in English, which is already some news. As you might know, if you follow my blog and social media, I live in beautiful Copenhagen and I own A Spasso con Elena Tour Agency (A Spasso con Elena stands for “Strolling with Elena”), for which I also work as certified tourist guide...

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Walking barefoot on the Vadehavet

In 2020 I happened to appreciate much more than ever the contact with the nature. Although the spreading of the pandemic we were not subjected to restrictions as for how to spend our time outdoor…

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