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Tips for a green tour in Copenhagen

Did you know that 50% of the population commute by bicycle instead og using the car in Copenhagen? And that the harbour water is so clean that you can enjoy taking a bath along the canals or in the urban bathing facilities? Did you know that in Copenhagen there are several buildings, among others, hotels and private residences, which make use of all available natural sources, such as...

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Christmas Markets in Copenhagen and surroundings

The Christmas markets are nearly everywhere. We can find them in mostly all European cities. Copenhagen's Christmas markets are probably not as popular as others, but I promise you they are worth a visit. So, if you plan to stay in the period between mid-November and end of December, you will find this blogpost useful. The Christmas markets and the Danish Christmas atmosphere are certainly a reason to visit Copenhagen. …

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The reasons why I love Copenhagen so much

It has been a while since I first thought of starting a blog in English, of creating a corner where I could tell about my life in Denmark (as an addition to the one I am handling in Italian - you can visit it here). Why in English? Well, it is the language that most of you understand out there as well as the one that most of the travellers use when visiting Copenhagen...

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