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A mini guide to the Prosecco Wine Road. A cooperation with Around & About Treviso - 4



This is our fourth meeting today and we look forward to presenting you the theme that we have chosen for today's post. If you are visiting Veneto region these days, don't miss the advice we are going to give you in the following paragraphs. It looks like the temperature will reach 27 degrees today, and that the weather will be awesome the whole weekend, so why not to dive into the Prosecco Wine Route and taste some quality wine? The Prosecco hills offer a variety of options to spend a beautiful day immersed in the nature. The Prosecco wine is famous all around the world and many know it just as "the sparkling wine". In Denmark, for example, it is well known and available at almost every supermarket and wine shop. Following the Italian tradition, Danes love drinking it as an aperitivo while having some delicious appetizer. We are so fond of this habit too, that is why we want to guide you trough the region where the Prosecco wine come from. This, moreover, is the aim of our cooperation, namely to give you the possibility to discover Veneto territory. We like doing it by giving you advice which are useful if you are in the area or if you are planning to visit it in the near future. Let's imagine ourselves in the Prosecco hills, down this beautiful sunshine, enjoying a glass of Prosecco wine. Let's explore together the Italian hygge!

Enjoy the reading!

VALENTINA Around & About Treviso:

If you have some time to spend around the Treviso province, plan a day trip to The Prosecco Wine Route. This unique area stretches for 120km on the rolling hills between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, so even getting lost in the winding lanes can turn out an outstanding adventure. This is the area where the Prosecco D.O.C.G. grapes are cultivated and the combined activities of man and nature turn into the Prosecco wine. Not only the nature and landscapes are amazing, but there are a number of little and tiny borghi spread all over the hills.


The beautiful Prosecco hills. Photo credits: Valentina Facchin. All rights reserved.

Well, let's start our trip from Valdobbiadene and drive towards San Pietro di Barbozza, from where you can admire long stretches of hills lined by Prosecco grapes, occasionally giving way to a small village, wineries and ancient stone houses. The sinuosity of the hills and the vivid green of the vines make this natural spectacle a great place to experience a direct contact with nature.

As you leave behind the village of San Pietro di Barbozza look for the Osteria senz’Oste –osteria without a host. There are no signposts to get there, so finding it is a sort of treasure hunt. Simply follow the signs to the Col Vetoraz winery, leave the main street – Via San Pietro – turn right and down towards the winery and you can park between vineyards. Once there take the path that branches off to the right of the winery itself. Here a stunning view discloses over the surrounding vine-clad hills. What makes it an exeptional place? The house is open and the fridge is full. You choose whatever you'd like to eat and drink and you pay. Everything is based on the trust of the people. While you are there you experience the feeling of being back in times. Just a laid back place where to relax your soul surrounded by vineyards. And why don't you sip a glass of Prosecco while gazing to this spectacular view?


The Osteria senz'Oste, Valdobbiadene, Treviso. Photo credits: Valentina Facchin. All rights reserved.


The Osteria senz'Oste, Valdobbiadene, Treviso. Photo credits: Valentina Facchin. All rights reserved.

Continuing along the Prosecco Wine Route towards Follina you drive through the villages of Combai and Miane. Follina is well-known for its Abbazia di Santa Maria, which, dating back to the 12th century, is a spectacle of architecture. Take some time to visit the Abbazia as well as the church and wander around the small town as well.

Few minutes further there is the charming village of Cison di Valmarino. It perfectly preserves the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista built in the 17th century, the Loggia, now seat of the town hall, old Brandolini cellars and courtyards. Pay a visit to these main places and if you are up for it, have a walk around the village just after and a coffee in one of the lovely and tiny cafes right opposite the church.

Plan a stop off in Revine Lago for a walk along the lake banks in Lago and Santa Maria. There's a path surrounding the lake where you can spend some time just walking or running around it while discovering the flora and fauna of the Lakes of Revine, born after the withdrawal of the Piave glacier.

The Molinetto della Croda in Refrontolo is a place not to be missed. Dating back to the 17th century, completely renovated and turned into a museum. A sort of fairy tale place just off the country road, where you can fill up with relaxation and tranquility.


The Molinetto della Croda, Refrontolo, Treviso. Photo credits: Valentina Facchin. All rights reserved.

Do not miss the nearby charming little village of Rolle nestled among the vines and the swaying Prosecco hills. The last stop on the Prosecco Wine Route leads to the church of San Vigilio in Col San Martino, a lovely church of the Roman era. As it is open only for religious functions, it's difficult to visit it inside, but if you are willing to, walk uphill and once on top you can be awarded with a breathtaking view overlooking the entire province.


San Vigilio Church in Col San Martino, Treviso. Photo credits: Valentina Facchin. All rights reserved.

After a trip around the vineyards why don't you taste the Prosecco wine? Please, make sure you choose an organic wine, with no chemicals involved either during the growing of grapes or winemaking. In this way you do not get headache after a couple of glass wine, but most importantly you preserve the environment. It is possible to grow the vines without any chemicals and the proof is Perlage Winery. They've been producing organic as well as vegan wines since 1985 and believe me or not, they are excellent! So, why don't you book a wine tasting and maybe a tour of the cellar? You can even find their wines in Denmark, as they are distributed by Løgismose.

I hope to see you one day browsing around this beautiful area. And if it is the case, I would be more than happy to giving you further advice.