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Treviso vs. Copenhagen: similarities and differences. A cooperation with Around & About Treviso - 9


This blogpost was written on October, the 27th in 2018, but we have published it again recently because the content can be useful still.


Valentina joined our guided tours this summer. After having explored Copenhagen together, the idea came to write an article about the experience. In order to create something interesting out of it, that would combine the interest for both Treviso and Copenhagen and after having realised that there are points in common between the two city, we decided that an article about their similarities and differences would be of inspiration for our readers. Enjoy it and let us know what you think!

VALENTINA Around & About Treviso:

If you know Copenhagen well, or you live there and feel part of it, surely spending a few days in Treviso will make you feel like home with a touch of relax. Last summer I spent a couple of days in the Danish capital for the second time in my life after almost twenty years. At that time it was one of my very first trips round Europe and memories were a bit faded, so before leaving I took back those photos to revive those feelings.

Being back in 2018 it's been a lovely flashback, I recognized some spots of the city and I reminded some funny anecdotes experienced with my friends. And you know what, the more I thought and stared at Copenhagen the more I noticed similarities to Treviso.

I collected some of my thoughts:

Canals that intersect the city walls, appear and disappear under buildings with a relaxing water sound that slips away towards the sea. Of course, in Copenhagen canals are a little wider and navigable, but both cities have a strong connection with water and sea.

However, elegance is the main characteristic of them both: elegance of their buildings as well as their inhabitants. Elegance in the cultural offers of modern art galleries and art exhibitions. Intense cultural, artistic and musical activities with concerts of various kind of music spread around the city. A number of comics, independent cinema and literature festivals are part of Treviso and Copenhagen.


Copenhagen's Old Harbour. Photo credits: Valentina Facchin. All rights reserved.

Without too many traffic jams, the center of Treviso is calm and streets are pleasantly conquered by people on bikes or by foot as well as in Copenhagen. Although the Danish capital is much bigger than our city, cars are rare. Here the traffic jam is caused by bikes, bikes are everywhere and for everyone, Copenhagen is undoubtedly the two-wheeled paradise. In Treviso cars get tangled mostly outside the walls, but at least the city center is free from them.


The cyclist in sculpture along the Viale B. Burchielltati in Treviso. Photo credits: A Spasso con Elena. All rights reserved.

Green areas are well integrated in the two cities, places or parks where you can spend some time outdoors, including walking, jogging and cycling. But it is also common to canoeing along the city canals, appreciated both by the inhabitants of Treviso and by the Danes.

Browsing around both cities is safe during the day and at night. You really feel free and safe and I promise you, this is priceless.

Easily reachable from the airport, Treviso by bus and Copenhagen by train, you can get off in the center in 10/15 minutes.

The conviviality of their people, the pleasure of sitting at the bar sipping a drink or grabbing something to eat with friends is remarkable in both places. Clean and tidy cities both on a human scale, they are extremely careful to recycling. Eventually I must say that Treviso and Copenhagen have a number of peculiarities that make them closer than expected.

But now you would ask what makes them unique and worth for a visit?

As soon as you set a foot in Treviso, you will notice the large number of Osterie (typical bars), where you can pop in for an aperitif or for a proper meal. Food, good wine or spritz always come along when you meet your friends in Treviso, people in town love to enjoy life at fullest. The variety of food options in Treviso are much wider if compared to Copenhagen, but this is certainly an Italian tradition. On the other hand in Copenhagen you will have a large choice of Smorrenbrot, slices of bread stuffed with anything tasty, but besides Smorrenbrot there is not much else to try.

Without too much effort you will notice, how much cheaper Treviso is compared to Copenhagen, certainly a consequence to a Danish life standard much higher than the Italian one. Although Treviso is even cheaper than other Italian cities. Particularly if you think to the nearby Venice.

Modern area, buildings or attractions are missing in Treviso, unlike the Nordic capital, but in this case we have to dig into the past, as Capenhagen has undergone a number of fires during the ages, thus making possible its reconstruction and renewal.

Several mutual peculiarities with their own identities make Treviso and Copenhagen destinations extremely interesting and relaxing to visit, but they are above all to be discovered in their uniqueness.


Riviera Santa Margherita in Treviso. Photo credits: Valentina Facchin. All rights reserved.