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Christmas Markets in Copenhagen and surroundings


The Christmas markets are nearly everywhere. We can find them in mostly all European cities. Copenhagen's Christmas markets are probably not as popular as others, but I promise you they are worth a visit. So, if you plan to stay in the period between mid-November and end of December, you will find this blogpost useful. The Christmas markets and the Danish Christmas atmosphere are certainly a reason to visit Copenhagen. Given that we are now approaching the opening day for several markets, I have made a list with all useful and practical information such as opening days and hours and the things you can buy. The list includes both the most centrally located and touristic markets and the more creative markets at more off-the-beaten-track-locations. In the list below the markets appear according to their opening day: the one which first opens is the first in the list.


Copenaghen's city center

Nyhavn (the old harbour): from Nov, 12th to Dec, 22nd

The old harbour t is certainly one of the most picturesque sites in Copenhagen. The Christmas wooden houses are locates in the square with the monumental anchor, right at the beginning of the canal as well as along the canal, namely in front of the famous coloured houses. Here you will find typical sweets, mulled wine (gløgg), a bunch of nice gift ideas. You will be also able to meet the elves (Nisser). The market will be open from 11 to 19 from Mon to Wed, from 10 to 20 on Thur, from 11 to 21 on Fri and Sat, and from 12 to 19 on Sun.

Kongens Nytorv: from Nov, 12th to Dec, 22nd

Just a short walking away from the old harbour, you will find the elegant King's New Square. It is possible to meet Santa Claus and take pictures with him for free every Saturday at 13. The market will be open from 11 to 19 from Mon to Wed, from 10 to 20 on Thur, from 11 to 21 on Fri and Sat, and from 12 to 19 on Sun.

Højbro Plads: from Nov, 12th to Dec, 22nd

In the heart of the city, you can find it at Højbro little square. This is the most international market where you will find both Danish and foreign handicrafts, Danish and German mulled wines, typical German sausages with curry, Danish apple fritters, pancakes, Italian cheeses and biscuits, gourmet chocolate, caps of wool and Christmas lights. There are benches for those who want to enjoy the delicacies being seated. It will be open from 11 to 19 from Mon to Wed, from 10 to 20 on Thur, from 11 to 21 on Fri and Sat, from 12 to 19 on Sun. In addition you can meet Santa Claus together with your kids and take pictures with him (for free) from Mon to Fri from 15 to 18.

H.C.Andersens' Market at Nytorv: from Nov, 12th to Dec, 21st

Close enough from the Cathedral you can find Nytorv Christmas market, which is ideally located for visiting the historic city center. You will find it when walking along the pedestrian street Strøget. This is international and very touristy too. It will be possible to buy apple fritters, gløgg, caramelized almonds, smoked salmon, Italian specialties, German sausages, French products and much more. It will be open from 11 to 19 from Sun to Thur and from 11 to 20 on Fri and Sat. It is possibile to meet Santa Claus from Wed to Sun from 11 to 16.


Tivoli Gardens: from Nov, 19th to Jan, 2nd

Tivoli Gardens organize a fairytale market with stands scattered around the amusement park. It will be officially opened on November, the 19th at 16:30 with the lighting of the Christmas tree. It will be possible to buy cold and hot drinks, snacks, and street food. The nicest part of the experience is to visit all the magical Christmas decorations that will be use for the decoration. The entrance to the park is subject to a fee. I recommend to enter the park shortly before the sunset in order to see the colours of the park under natural light, then stay for the evening and appreciate the park illuminated. At Tivoli it is also possible to attend a bunch of events (find out more on their website, where you can look at the calendar of activities). Every day at 12 during the week and at 11 on Sat and Sun you can meet Santa Claus at the Pantomime Theater. The photos taken with Santa Claus are subject to charges. Every day from 16:30 to closing it will also be possible to watch the show of lights on the facade of the Nimb hotel. Lastly do not forget that there are several restaurants within the park, where you can taste traditional Christmas dishes.

Art Escape Studios: Nov, 20th from 11 to 15

Art Escape Studios & Cafe is a collective of 11 artists working in different multidisciplinary fields of art including oil painting, acrylic and watercolour painting, pastel and graphite drawing, photography and digital media, collage, sculpture and paper drawing , creative coaching and textiles. On the occasion of the market on November, the 20th, the artists of the collective will exhibit some works and will make them available for purchase.

Frederiksberg: Nov, 20th-21st from 11 to 17

Even if it is formally an independent municipality, Frederiksberg is just next to Copenhagen's city center. The Christmas market will take place in the cozy Haveselskabets have garden, which will be illuminated by many torches. Christmas items, handicrafts, delicacies from Nordsjælland as well as homemade baked goods, mulled wine and hot chocolate will be on sale. Inside the greenhouse there will be garden items and books on gardening and gardens, both new and antique.

Craft Market: Nov, 20th and Dec, 11th from 11:30 to 16:30

At Hf Kalvebod 80 (Copenhagen SW) there will be a beautiful market held by the artisans Rikke Stiig, Trine Jakobsen, Pia Zeidler, Sarianna Lyshavn, Saraliv Grumløse, Lark Iris Grumløse, Lars Nielsen. Each of them has a specialty, so there will be items of all kinds for sale.

Den Røde Plads in Nørrebro neighbourhood: Nov, 27th from 12 to 20

At Den Røde Plads in the northern district outside the historic center you can experience a multicultural Christmas. On the occasion of the lighting of the tree there will be a sustainable Christmas market from 12 to 20.

The Royal Academy (architecture, design e conservation): Nov, 28th from 10 to 17

A special Christmas market, where students and employees will sell their works such as pottery, jewelry, Christmas decorations and much more. The academy is located on the islet of Holmen. I recommend to reach it by bicycle or by ferry.

Værnedamsvej: Dec, 4th from 9 to 17

Along the narrow streets Værnedamsvej and Tullinsgade you will find one of the prettiest markets in the city. There will be delicacies, handmade and antiques, clothing and much more.

BLOX: Dec, 4th from 13 to 17 and Dec, 5th from 13 to 16

Both days you can listen to wonderful Christmas music, you can make garlands, braid Christmas hearts, make your own Christmas decoration, eat typical Christmas cookies and buy mulled wine as well as apple fritters.

Nørrebrohallen: Dec, 4th-5th from 11 to 17

You can meet artists, designers and artisans who sell their works here. Among other things, you will find paintings, ceramics, handicrafts, illustrations, jewelry, photos and collages. The organization is managed by Flid which takes into account three skills when selecting the market participants, namely "originality", "quality of materials" and "sustainability". The focus is on Danish and Scandinavian design. Admission costs 30 DKK (4 euros approx.). It is free for children under 12 years of age. You can enter with prams/strollers.

Christiania: Dec, from 9th to 20th

It is one of the shortest and also one of the most popular, that is why you will probably find a long queue to enter it. It takes place in a shed, Den Grå Hal, which has limited capacity. I warmly recommend you to visit it and use the occasion to visit the free city of Christiania too. The Christmas market is a tradition that has been respected in Christiania since the 1970s. You can buy lots of handmade items. The market will observe the following hours: every day from 12 to 20 except on the last day when it will close at 18.

DGI Byen: Dec, 11th from 11 to 17

At DGI Byen the Vesterbro RAW craft fair, embracing unusual, alternative, unconventional, unique crafts, design and art that you don't see elsewhere, encouraging and promoting diversity and versatility, will hold a flea market with about sixty stands.

Det Grønlandske Hus - Dec, 11th and 12th from 11 to 16

Det Grønlandske Hus (the Greenlandic House) is a cultural institute that promotes the knowledge of Greenland with a focus on culture. The flea market is one of the best opportunities to find Greenlandic crafts in Copenhagen. Among other things, you can buy handcrafted items in musk wool, sealskin, pearls and jewelry.


Outside Copenhagen

Organic Market at Grantoftegaard farm - Dec, 5th from 11 to 16

On the occasion of the Christmas market there will be workshops about how to make sustainable Christmas decorations with natural and recycled materials. In the courtyard there will be organic Christmas trees. You will also be able to see the animals in the stable and who knows...maybe... even Santa Claus.

Market at Bakken amusement park: on selected days

At Bakken you can live a unique experience surrounded by the cosiest Christmas atmosphere. Bakken is the oldest still in operation amusement park in the world. It will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from November, the 26th to December, the 19th and also from December, the 20th to the 22nd. At the many stalls you can find everything from gift items to delicious specialties, handmade hats, jewelry and more. Inside the park there are various restaurants, where you can taste traditional Christmas dishes. In Bakken you can meet Julemor, that is Mrs. Claus, the legendary wife of Santa Claus. The entrance to Bakken is free (you pay for the rides) and it is located inside the wonderful Deer Park where I absolutely recommend you to have a walk.

Market in the picturesque Dragør: on selected weekends

Known as "the pearl of the Øresund" Dragør is a must-see when visiting southern Sjælland. Only a few kilometers away from Copenhagen Dragør offers a fairytale landscape made of low houses and cobbled streets. The Christmas market will be inaugurated on Saturday November, the 27th at the same time as the Christmas tree (Juletræet) lighting, which is located on the square in front of the Irma supermarket. There will be dancing and singing around the tree, as tradition provides. The market will be open from 12 to 17 on weekends from November, the 27th to December the 19th (both days included), which means that you can visit on the following dates: November, 27th-28th, December, 4th-5th, December, 11th-12th and December, 18th-19th.

Market at the Amager museum: on selected days

For those wishing to learn more about the history of Dragør and the island where it is located, that is Amager, I recommend to pay a visit to the Amager Museum. A cozy Christmas market will be held there on November, the 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th There will be many Christmas items for all tastes: elves, Christmas sweets, handicrafts, homemade jams and honey. You will be able to buy heart-shaped honey cookies, decorated with your name, candied apples, apple pancakes cooked like grandmothers once did. Admission to the market costs 50 crowns. At the Amager museum it is also possible to visit an exhibition about Christmas from Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 16 in the period between November, the 24ty and December, the 19th (both days included).

Market at Kronborg, Hamlet's Castle: on selected weekends

Visiting Kronborg for Christmas is certainly a magical experience. On November, 27th-28th and December 4th-5th there will be many stalls where you can buy clothing, jewelry, games, household items, Christmas treats, Christmas decorations and much more. For those who take the opportunity to visit the castle, there will be various workshops for children and concerts for adults. From 10 to 17.

Useful advice

  • Book our guided tour "Christmas in Copenhagen and the Danish Christmas traditions". You will get to know the Danish traditions and discover magical places in the city. Upon request we will also include a workshop for you where you can make typical Danish Christmas sweets.
  • Make sure to have some cash (Danish Crowns). You can normally pay at any place by credit card, but sometimes the Christmas stalls are not provided with a terminal or it can happen that it does not work in the very moment when you need to pay.
  • Keep in ming that the last day available to visit the Christmas markets is December, the 22nd, but most of them will close earlier (except for the market inside Tivoli Gardens, which will be open untile January, the 2nd).
  • Try the apple fritters sprinkled with sugar and served with servite con red fruit jam (æbleskiver) and the mulled wine (gløgg).
  • Try the typical Christmas meal (julefrokost). Most of the restaurants offer it already from beginning of November. And book your table in advance!
  • In addition to the above mentioned markets, you will find more, less advertised and smaller. If you live in Copenhagen, take a look at the events on Facebook and on the local magazines.